ATI DEcorative Laminates

ATI Decorative Laminates is an innovator in decorative solutions that will give your interior a creative, unique look. Fusion, NuMetal, LumiSplash and MirroFlex Structures are just a few of the available design options.

ATI provides the highest quality Decorative Thermoplastic Panels, Metal Laminates and custom wall capabilities on a variety of substrates including Metal, FRP, and Wood. This custom process sets ATI apart from others. Your option of choosing a design from their extensive library or submitting one of your own, offers you endless opportunities to design beyond the surface.

Please contact your local rep for a preview of this incredible line or visit ATI’s website for a sneak peak.


Bella Laminati

Bella Laminati is a modern laminate collection created from the latest italian Laminate color and design trends, with influences from other modern cities around the world. We have over 165 beautiful laminate designs to choose from. Conveniently stocked in New Jersey for rapid delivery.